The Pervs

The Pervs

“PACKING a lot of balls, The Pervs’ music is a seditious mosh-pit-generator that refuses to fall in line with manufactured society. Kicking up dust since 2008, The Pervs have been playing punk rock in the local music scene for almost ten years and now it seems like the band’s ready to serve the working class their first self-titled album.” – Tiny Diapana, Down and Dirty with the Pervs

Current lineup:
Ernest Diño (vocals, guitars), Bugz Saavedra (guitars), Rapi Secson (bass), Fidel Ricafranca (drums)

Band Merch

“The Pervs” S/T (DVD Pack)
Php 250.00

“The Pervs” S/T [Reissue] (CD)
 Php 200.00

“The Pervs” (T-Shirt)
Php 250.00

Assorted Bundle (Patches)
Php 300.00

Music Videos

The Pervs - No Return

The Pervs at Furiosa's Elephant-sized Hearts

The Pervs at Binisaya Party

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Band Photos

Photo Credits: Banawe Corvera-Curato (1,2), Dexter Duran (3-5), Ernest Diño (6-15)

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