The Subspring

The Subspring

This 3-piece ensemblé from Metro Manila crafts beautifully arranged pop melodies funneled through a mixture of grit and gravel. This is evident on their first full-length album Manifesto, which is nothing short of a revelation if you ask us. Fourteen tracks worth of rock jams that does not show any sign of slowing down. Listen to Manifesto if you are feeling the blues or planning to rock out.

The band is composed of Carl Juliano (vocals, guitars), Ely Apostol (bass, backup vocals), Ivan Mallari (drums). They are currently working on a follow up album to Manifesto, and they intend to release it by the end of 2019. The working title of the album is ‘Vice Kingdom and the Capsule’.

Music Videos

"A Lovely Smile" live at 'Temple of the Soul' album launch

"School Boy" Music Video

"Granted" live at Mow's (There's No Tool in this Pool gig)

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The Subspring – Manifesto
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