MAÑANITA: a noise barrage from 18 bedrooms

MAÑANITA is not a birthday party. It’s also not a protest. It’s a cacerolazo of materials recorded or assembled by Filipino artists and their friends in the locations they were stuck in during the past few months — from Yangon to Lapu-Lapu. Not all had the privilege of being home. And not all count being home a privilege.

Originally intended as a follow up to VIS TRAX, Green Papaya and PAWN’s 2019 anthology of Visayan noise and beats, this eclectic collection has turned into a barometer of different attitudes as the climate quickly shifted from mourning to militancy, from pandemic to protest.

Released on the eve of June 12, 2020, 122 years after Philippine independence from Spain, the fight for freedom still continues, emerging in various forms, resonating across distance.

#JunkTerrorBill #BawiinAngKalayaan #FightTyranny #DissentIsDuty #ArtistsFightBack

A big thank you to all the contributing artists: Siamese RatMasterslaveTetsuo, Levi Masuli, Jun Mirisi, Blenderwave, Tito Boyet, Armas ni Juan, Mariah Yonic, Itos Ledesma, paso de blas, Couplet, John Caing, Anne A, Bearded Saki, Joee Mejias, Crazy Eeels Society, Itö, Teenage Granny, and Al Qultus!

Photos by Gym Lumbera. Design by Tofu Projects.

Green Papaya Art Projects x PAWN

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