Ah, to be young and without a care in wearing your heart on your sleeve. This is the feeling that one gets from listening to this quartet that forms part of the current resurgence of the shoegaze scene in Cebu City. Recently formed in just under a year, yet delivering their trademark bitter-sweet, sonically-charged songs, Gleam has already shown so much promise and more.

Get to know more about them as we sit down with Gleam in the seventh episode of Out of Tune.

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Out of Tune Verse VII

Gleam – February 17, 2024


(Note: The following writing is based on a transcription of the interview conducted last 17 February 2024 at about 11 o’clock in the evening at an unutilized portion of Mango Square Mall.)

(Note: The interview was conducted in the English language with the occasional Cebuano and Filipino language. For purpose of catering to possible non-Filipino and non-Cebuano speaking readers, the following transcription has already been transcribed to the English language to the best of the abilities of the author.)

(Note: This is not a 100%-accurate transcription since some words are not audible or may be misheard by the author. The author also took liberties in making grammatical corrections, and omitted repetitive words and stutters, if any. However, the substance of the answers remains faithful to the original. Moreover, the author honored the request of the interviewees to omit parts of the interview that they do not wish to be published and will be marked as “XXX”.)


(00:00:00 – intro)

Patrick: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Out of Tune. We have been away for some time. The last episode, I believe, was November. But we’re back and, of course, to make up for our absence we have here a special band and, I believe, they are the youngest band to have graced the series so far. So without wasting any more of your time let us all welcome Gleam. Anyway, they just finished playing their set, and what a set that was for Gazin’ into the Abyss here in Making Space. And we’re in this, I don’t know, an undisclosed location here in Cebu Making Space. So, Gleam, how are you?

JaiJai: Everything is fine. 

Maggins: Hapit ko ni suka. (I almost puked)


Patrick: Okay, let us introduce ourselves. Let’s start with you (Jaijai)

Jaijai: Hi, everyone. My name is Angel J. I’m from Santander. Santander represent! I’m 19 years old. I study in CIT, Archi. 


Patrick: And you play the bass, correct?

Jaijai: Yes, I play the bass.

Harvey: Hi. I’m Harvey. I play the guitar and I do the vocals, also.

Maggins: I’m Maggins, and I’m the lead guitarist. Random fact, I’m the eldest among the four. 

Harvey: Ikaw diay pinaka tiguwang? (You’re the eldest?)

Fynn: Hi, guys, I’m Fynn. I’m the youngest in the group. I live in Labangon. 

Patrick: From Santander to Labangon. 


(00:02:48 – what’s in a name?)

Patrick: The name Gleam, how did you come up with that name? It’s G and the number 7…

Harvey: No, it’s G-L-E. Nahimo siya’g 7 kay dili i-approve sa Facebook. (It became 7 because Facebook will not approve.) 


Patrick: There’s another…

Fynn: There’s another page. 


Patrick: There’s another band that’s Gleam, that is why you’re using 7?

Harvey: Yeah, yeah. 


Patrick: How did you arrive at that name?

Maggins: It’s kind of a random thought.

Harvey: It’s just random.

Jaijai: Originally, the name was supposed to be Dr.3am. But we decided, ay, secret sa. (oh, it’s a secret for now.) So we came up with Gleam because duol duol siya sa influence namo nga band nga Glare, also shoegaze. (closer to a band that influenced us, Glare, that is also shoegaze.) That’s how we came up with Gleam. 


Patrick: Is that only Jaijai’s version, or do you all agree that that is how you arrived at the name?

Maggins: Before we came up with that name, we were having difficulties in naming our band. So it was just a random thought, Dr.3am and then Gleam. 


Patrick: Also, because you’re inspired by Glare.

Jai and Harvey: Yeah. 


Patrick: Anything to add?

Harvey: Actually, the name Dream, ay, i-spoil nalang nako, mao na ang name sa amo EP, so Dr.3am. (I will just spoil it, Dr.3am will be the name of our EP.) So hopefully.

Patrick: You heard it here first that their previous name, Dr.3am, will now be the name for their upcoming EP. Now we know. 


(00:04:50 – beginnings)

Patrick: Can you tell us how did you, guys, form? How did you, guys, meet? Are you guys like friends before becoming a band?

Fynn: Originally, the original members were only Harvey and Jaijai. They were online friends before making music. 

Patrick: Online friends? So you did not know each other personally? 

Harvey: Yeah.

Fynn: So after that they were looking for a drummer for another band. And then a friend of mine they tagged me in a…

Harvey: Facebook post. 

Fynn: After that I met them and it was the three of us. Then the old band, they had Maggins there. So murag gi-adopt namo si Maggins. (It was like we just adopted Maggins.) 


Patrick: You’re the last member?

Maggins: Yeah. 

Harvey: Missing puzzle. 


Patrick: So none of you knew each other personally before?

Harvey: We’re (referring to Maggins) classmates before in elementary. 


Patrick: But despite being classmates before you were still the last one to be invited? 

Harvey: Yeah. 


Patrick: But the first two was you and Jaijai?

(Harvey and Jaijai nods yes)


Patrick: So what was the plan when you invited them? What was the direction? Was it you were already thinking that we’re going to do a shoegaze group, is that it? 

Harvey: No, no.

Maggins: Exactly a year ago, this month, February, we just had a random thought, like jam in our friend’s place. His name is Virtue and he’s had a contribution to the band. 

Jaijai: Thank you, Virtue. 

Maggins: It was just a random day and we decided to cover a Mac Demarco song. We had the same interests. 


Patrick: When you say the same interests, you mean the same musical interests?

Maggins, Harvey and Jaijai: Yeah, yeah. 


Patrick: And can you tell us what bands, groups, artists that are part of these interests of yours?

Jaijai: Individually? Because our influences differ. So, basically, my influences are Whirr, Glare, Blue Smiley, ay, pero kini jud ang greatest influence (oh, this is the greatest influence), My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. 

Harvey: Akoang pinaka-influence jud kay katong band nga Hum. (My biggest influence is the band Hum) Illinois-based. From the US. And then Deftones. 

Maggins: To be quite frank, prior to the formation of the band, I wasn’t really into shoegaze. I was more into like new soul and R&B. 

(Harvey laughs)

Maggins: For the new soul, I am influenced by the techniques and guitar skills of Melanie Faye. And after the formation of the band I was more into like Loathe and Whirr. 

Fynn: Originally, I was interested more into alternative metal, like Loathe and Movements and Thornhill. But after listening to unsa to nga album, uy? (what album was that?) Slowdive, Souvlaki, I went into the Shoegaze side. Then I listened to more of like depressed or something like Have a Nice Life and Giles Corey, something like that.  


Patrick: So there never was a plan when you started that, “we’re going to do shoegaze.”? You’re still just jamming? 

Everyone: Yeah.

Patrick: But then you found your place, your sound?

Jaijai: Sound. 


Patrick: When was the band formed?

Fynn: Di to February, bay? (Was it February?)

Harvey: June. 

Maggins: We started recording June. 


Patrick: June last year?

Everyone: Yeah. Patrick: So they’re still fairly new and they’re already making this very tight songs. In fact, they played a very good set earlier. And they’re just laughing at it. 


(00:09:37 – the creative process)

Patrick: Walk us through your songwriting process. How do you make these songs that you just played earlier?

Maggins: All we have to say is that we all give the credit to Harvey.

(Jajai points at Harvey)

Jaijai: He’s the brain of the band.


Patrick: So Harvey is the songwriter in the group, is that it?

Fynn, Maggins and Jaijai: Yeah.


Patrick: So you (Harvey) make the lyrics, the…

Harvey: The melodies. 

Maggins: Some of them I came up with. 

Fynn: He (Harvey) makes the acoustic versions.

Harvey: The raw versions.

Fynn: The raw versions, and then we pitch in our parts, but, originally, it is all Harvey. 

Maggins: Without him (Harvey), we wouldn’t be even a band.

Harvey: Also, without them we wouldn’t be…

(Maggins and Jaijai makes Harvey stop. Laughter)


Patrick: This arrangement, how restrictive is it to the three of you (Fynn, Maggins and Jaijai)? Like in terms of how you want the direction of the song to be like. 

Fynn: No.

Patrick: There’s no restriction?

Jaijai: There’s no restriction.


Patrick: It’s democracy? 

Everyone: Yeah, yeah. 


Patrick: That’s good to hear. Now, Harvey, I’m going to ask you this because you are the one who’s making the words, the lyrics, what are the songs about, the themes of these songs that you write about?

Harvey: Basically, the songs are about depression, self-harm, basta maoy siya. (They are just emo.)   


Patrick: Can I ask why are you writing about depression? Are you undergoing depression?

Harvey: I can say, finally, that I am out of depression, but I have been there. I am glad that I can share something to the people who are suffering from that state. So it is really emotional. It is a feeling, but not personally. We are sharing a song for them to enjoy.

Maggins: But there is one song…

Harvey: Oh, yeah…

Maggins: Burgundy.

Harvey: There is one song that I made for my loved one. Shout out. You know who you are. It’s a love song. It is the one that is different, but maoy pinaka choy (it is the best.) It’s called Burgundy Red lipstick. That’s her favorite lipstick, like color shade. 

Jaijai: Ah, okay.


Patrick: So you (Jaijai) only you knew about this now?

Jaijai: Yeah.


(00:12:22 – favorites?)

Patrick: Speaking of songs, does the band have a favorite track or song that you, among all those that you play, which one is your favorite?

Fynn: Akoa kay Back Hug (Mine is Back hug). Fun fact, originally, the title for Back Hug was Gleam and we decided to use the name Gleam as our band name and change the title to Back Hug because Buck hug is like wordplay for bakag, which means bahong patay (smells like rotten corpse). 

Maggins: For me, like Harvey said, Burgundy Red Lipstick because I’m able to do a solo there.

Harvey: Boang (crazy). 

Maggins: But overall it has a great chord progression and I like to listen to it.

Harvey: For me, Back Hug. Because it is what we all agree on that we really like. But Tearing Myself Apart, the one that is not yet released, is the one closes to my heart. It is what carried me through depression in the past.

Jaijai: For me, I think it is maybe Back Hug because this one was scary. In our first gig, I was struggling with the solo part for my bass. But now, in this gig, I already perfected it. No mistakes. Thank you, lord. (Jaijai makes the sign of the cross)


Patrick: Hey, everyone clap for your bandmate.

(Everyone claps and laughs)

Patrick: Your first gig was in Akha, correct? I remember.

Harvey: Yeah.

Maggins: But we had a gig prior to that. It was an anniversary of a…

Harvey: Barbershop. That was our first gig.


Patrick: Where was this?

Maggins: It wasn’t like a shoegaze festival or…

Harvey: Hairsthetic. Shout out to Hairsthetic for our first gig.


Patrick: And you played your original songs there?

Harvey: Yeah, we played our first original song there, Goldfish.

Jaijai: We played together with our friend, the one who owned the studio, who let us play for free, is our lead guitarist at that time.


Patrick: This lead guitarist, where is he now? Why is he not a part of this group now?

Maggins: He’s more of an indie guy. 

Fynn: He’s not into shoegaze. 

Patrick: Alright, understandable. But you’re still friends?

Jaijai: Yeah.

Maggins: And we’re still grateful to him because without him there’s no Gleam. 

Jaijai: Thank you. Patrick: Shout out!


(00:15:24 – home base and meetings)

Patrick: By the way, where do you, guys, usually practice, make songs? Is there a go-to place?

Harvey: Virtue’s.

Patrick: So he’s like the fifth member of the band. You can’t see him live but his presence is there. 


Patrick: How often do you guys meet?

Harvey: Actually, we (Jaijai) always meet because we’re classmates in college.

Maggins: I haven’t met them since last month.


Patrick: Really?

Harvey: But we (Maggins) are in the same school, we go to the same college. 

Maggins: We just have conflicting schedules. 


Patrick: Your last meeting with them was last month, did you not practice or anything?

Harvey: Oh, we practiced a week ago. 

Fynn: No, it was just today. 


Patrick: More or less it’s like iyahay lang (every man for himself), just practice at your own home?

Harvey: Yeah.

Fynn: Our original songs, it’s like small muscle memory to us. 

Harvey: Feel lang

Fynn: It’s like all feel. We don’t have any strict parts, it’s all just feel. 

Maggins: But we really need to practice to be cleaner.

Harvey: Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry. 


Patrick: Apart from the band activity, the playing, the recording, the making songs, practicing, do guys hang out? Just goofing out…

Maggins: This is our hangout (taps at the beer bottle).

Harvey: This is how we hang out. 


Patrick: So you guys meet to drink, get wasted?

Harvey: Yeah. 

Jaijai: After major exams.


Patrick: Do you guys fight?

Jaijai: Never. 

Harvey: One time we exchanged punches. With him (Maggins). Like friendly fight.

Maggins: It was like to lock in our bond. 

Harvey: Test of our friendship.


Patrick: Who won in that fist fight?

Harvey: No one. 

Maggins: I was too kind to him (Harvey) so I let him win. 


(00:17:49 – current listens)

Patrick: What music or bands or artists are you currently listening to? Let’s start with you, Jai.

Jaijai: Currently I am into R&B. It energizes me. Frank Ocean, Brent Faiyaz, that’s all. Sorry. And Hev Abi, also. 

(Harvey laughing)


Patrick: Harv, what are you currently listening to?

Harvey: We’re the same. Frank Ocean, Hum. That’s all on repeat. Hum and Frank Ocean. 


Patrick: Maggins?

Maggins: Loathe and Deftones. Last is, Hev Abi.

Fynn: Now I’m going back to my old ways. I listen to a lot of Alt Metal, like Loathe, Movements, things like that. 


(00:19:12 – are you shoegaze?)

Patrick: Is it safe to say that Gleam is a shoegaze band?

Harvey: Yes. 


Patrick: So are you also open to changing the direction of the band or are you rooted to shoegaze?

(Everyone laughs)

Fynn: We have a plan to produce alternative metal songs as a meme. 

Harvey: N-U-gaze.

Fynn: Nugaze-type and Harvey will drum. Harvey wants to play the drums.

Jaijai: Yeah.

Maggins: Also like Soulfly. 


(00:20:10 – sound evolution)

Patrick: You said you formed in June last year, correct? Can you tell us if there are any changes from the sound of Gleam when you started last year to where you are now? 

Fynn: We aren’t as tight before, our chemistry…

Harvey: Wala jud (It wasn’t there). 

Jaijai: We had no chemistry.

Maggins: It was all him (Harvey). 


Patrick: But the melodies of the songs are the same as they are now?

Maggins: We stick to one genre.

Patrick: So there is no drastic change from when you started.

Fynn: Chemistry ra gyud. (Only chemistry)

Patrick: That is quite surprising because apart from you (Maggins and Harvey) who are elementary classmates, you guys basically do not know each other prior to the band, but now you are really good friends. Let us just wait for the fist fight to happen between the other guys to tighten the bond. 


(00:21:15 – where are you heading?)

Patrick: What is the goal or the objective, if any, for Gleam? 

Harvey: Pwede mo say individually? (Can we say it individually?)


Patrick: Let us start with as a band. Was there an agreement that this is what our plan would be like?

Maggins: Based on what we agreed upon, we just would like to be recognized and maybe famous.

(Harvey snickers)

Maggins: Mo-agree ra mo? (Do you, guys, agree?)

Harvey: Yeah.


Patrick: Be honest. Because for me musicians or whoever are in the band scene, naa man jud tay vanity. (we always have vanity.) That’s part of it. Because why are we doing this for, right? Kung mao na, magtago na lang ko sa ako kwarto. (If that’s the case, I’ll just hide in my room.) Anyway, that’s part of it, but any other plans or directions?

Maggins: He (Harvey) just want to be passionate about something.


Patrick: So this is really your passion, Harvey?

Harvey: Yeah, ours all. 

Jaijai: Escape from reality.


Patrick: So are you happy now in Gleam?

Harvey: Outlet ra namo ni sa amoang kakapoy. (This is just our outlet from getting tired.)


Patrick: You’re tired from school?

Harvey:  Yeah.

Jaijai: It’s like an escape. 

Maggins: But, like, difficult to find time, get together and jam. 


Patrick: Because of the schedules?

Maggins: Yeah.


Patrick: But if given the time, this is what you want to do?

(everyone nods in agreement)

Maggins: And given the right studio, also.


Patrick: Right studio aside from Virtue’s studio?


(00:23:03 – best memories)

Patrick: I know you haven’t reached your anniversary yet from forming…

Fynn: It was February.

Jaijai: June ang official. (June is the official one.)

Fynn: February we had a gig in CIT, but Maggins wasn’t there. Us three were performing in CIT. 


Patrick: That was as Gleam already?

Fynn: No. We were playing, like, OPM songs. 



Patrick: So officially, Gleam, June was your…

Fynn: Yeah, officially, as Gleam.


Patrick: You haven’t reached your anniversary yet, but for now what was the most memorable experience for Gleam?

Harvey and Jaijai: Akha.


Patrick: Which one? You have played more than once in Akha, I believe, but which one, the first gig?

Harvey: The first. 


Patrick: Can you expound on that? Why?

Maggins: It was full of mistakes and nervousness. 

Patrick: That was like your baptism? 

Jaijai: Yeah. 

Fynn: That was the first time we were introduced to the scene, all of it. We met familiar faces, regulars, something like that.

Maggins: We were also expecting some criticism from them. And after our first set from Akha, we were grateful to them because they were encouraging and they’re very kind. So we’d also like to thank them, the audience, for encouraging us to improve and I thank them for the support.

Patrick: I think you’re getting there because judging from what you just did, that’s a very tight set. 


(00:25:11 – songs thus far…)

Patrick: By the way, how many songs have you made already? That you’ve completed, like you could say confidently we could play this live.Fynn: Probably five.

Harvey: Five songs. 

Patrick: You already have five songs?

Fynn: Six.

Jaijai: It’s still coming. The other one we still can’t play live. 

Fynn: Back Hug, Goldfish, Tearing Myself Apart, Burgundy Red Lipstick, Merry Go Round…

(everyone laughs)

Harvey: All the five are included in our EP. 


Patrick: How many songs do you plan to release for that EP?

Maggins: Maybe it’s enough if we add one.

Harvey: Yeah. We are planning to add one song.


Patrick: So six, you’re planning six?

Harvey: Yeah.


Patrick: Where do you record your songs?

Harvey: I usually record at home and I invite him (Maggins) to play the parts. Sometimes I visit his house and bring my equipment.

Patrick: So this is a DIY recording?

Harvey: Yeah.


Patrick: How about the drum parts?

Fynn: MIDI. 

Harvey: But actually, we are planning to record a studio drums for him (Fynn) so that he could play live. 


Patrick: So when you release the EP it would be live drums already?

Harvey: Yeah, it’s live drums. 


(00:26:46 – worst experience)


Patrick: How about, again, even if you have only formed fairly recently, what’s the worst experience so far for Gleam?

Maggins: For me, personally, it’s Jurro’s. 


Patrick: Which one?

Maggins: The Jurro’s project. Before we played the last song, Red Burgundy, I had an itchy throat, it triggered me to vomit. 


Patrick: You puked on stage?

Maggins: No. Luckily for me there was a comfort room beside. So I rushed there and there I vomited. 


Patrick: You puked while playing?

Fynn: We were playing, then he went to the CR. 


Patrick: Is there a video of this? Because this is so rock and roll. That doesn’t happen that frequently. 


Patrick: How about you, Jai?

Jaijai: I think in Akha. But it’s not about the environment. It was about my playing. My bass frequently buzzed. 


Patrick: Loose contact.

Jaijai: Yeah, yeah. But the following gigs were fine. 


Patrick: Harv, how about you?

Harvey: We’re the same. It’s Akha. 


Patrick: Why?

Harvey: It’s the pressure. 


Patrick: So the Akha was both your favorite and your worst. 

Harvey: Yeah.

Patrick: Fynn…

Fynn: Same thing. Akha because I played my drums, but I made a mistake that caused the band to restart. 

Maggins: It wasn’t just you. 

Fynn: My time signature changed. 

Patrick: You should go easy on yourselves, that was your first gig.


(00:29:00 – changes anyone?)

Patrick: If you can change anything about the band, what would it be?

Harvey: On time unta ta igka praktis, bay. (We should be punctual during practice.)


Patrick: Why, who’s always late here?

(Maggins and Jaijai points to Fynn)


Fynn: Dili, bay. On time man ko. (No, man. I am on time.) 

(laughter again)

Fynn: On time ko mo gawas sa balay. (I am on time in leaving the house.)

Maggins: Ganiha ra ka na late gani. (You were even late earlier.)

Harvey: Na late gani ka ganiha. (You were also late earlier today.)


Patrick: You know what you should do? Implement a penalty system. That’s what Awkward Dancer does, murag mas dako ang bayran o iamot sa practice. (Like pay a higher contribution during practice.) Just kidding. 


(00:29:48 – for the love of the game)

Patrick: Realistically-speaking, how much are you guys willing to give for this project? Sa inyong kinabuhi, how much are you willing to give? (In your lives, how much are you willing to give?)

Jaijai: For me, I think, it’s about equal footing with my studies because I study to be successful because I want to finish. I want to prove something to my parents. But the band is my escape because if I can’t take the pressure, when it becomes too much, this is my escape just so I can continue studying. 


Patrick: To keep you sane.

Jaijai: Yeah. 


Patrick: How about you, Harv?

Harvey: We treat our band like an escape from our problems, but this escape we treat it highly, like we give our best. The result is what we are doing. 

Maggins: If possible, I won’t ever give up in this band. I want to keep playing…


Patrick: Till death.

Maggins: Yeah, till death. Since this is my only hobby and my only fun, I would like to pursue it and, hopefully, it’d become prominent one day.

Fynn: As of now, this is the only hobby that’s gotten me so far. Mao ra gyud hobby nga layo mi’g naabtan (This is the only hobby that we got far.) 

Maggins: Last year pa lang, wala jud ko ka ka huna-huna nga maabot ko’g ingon ani. (Last year, I was not thinking that I would get here.) 

Fynn: Yeah, kay among goal sa una kay bisa usa lang ka gig. (Yeah, because our goal in the past was to play even just one gig.)


Patrick: I have this feeling that, of course, even you guys should know this, there’s going to be more. You’re still beginning and you’re already here. How much more for the years to come. You’re still young.

Fynn: Shout out to kuya Jiggy, he was the one.

(Gleam waves to Jiggy behind the camera)

Maggins: He’s the one who…

Jaijai: He’s the one who spread the word. 

Harvey: Kuya Miggy, Miggy Miguel. 

Fynn: Si ate Nikkie pud.

Harvey: It was because of her picture by Jiggy that we borrowed for our demo song. 

Fynn: Picture of Nikkie by Jiggy.


(00:32:42 – stupid questions in a box)

Patrick: Okay, we are now near the end of the interview. I think you know what this thing is. The stupid questions in a box. So you pick random questions, you answer it. If you’re not comfortable with the question, you could repick. Alright?



Patrick: Jai, what question did you have?

Jaijai: If you can choose BBM’s next travel destination, where would that be? Hawaii. Balik didto, di ko ganahan nimo! (Go back there, I don’t like you!) Di ko mahadlok. Ready ko mo-debate, kinsay makig debate diha. (I am not afraid. I am ready to debate. Who wants to debate with me.)

Harvey: If heaven does exist, how do you picture it to be? Simple ra akoang pag-picture. Like naa akong family, akong loved ones, akong mg amigo. Murag karon, like, heaven na ni. Mao ra na. (It’s simple how I picture it. Just with my family, loved ones, my friends. Just like now, this is heaven already. That is it.)

Maggins: Invent a cure for cancer or get a chance to kill with impunity five corrupt politicians? Invent a cure for cancer. If ma-cure ang cancer, mawagtang pud ang five corrupt politicians. (If cancer will be cured, the five corrupt politicians will disappear.) 

Fynn: The world is ending in an hour, how would you spend your last moments? Of course with my family and loved ones. 

Maggins: What if naa ka sa America and sila naa sa Pilipinas? (What if you are in America, and they are in the Philippines?)


(00:35:50 – follow them)

Patrick: For those who want to follow Gleam, your future projects, your next things-to-do, where can they find you in social media?

Harvey: At the moment, you can find Gleam at our Facebook and Instagram page. You could type in G-7-E-A-M. 


Maggins: And the logo is a guitar pedal. 

Harvey: And lastly, hopefully, you could find on Spotify we could release under Pawn records. Thank you, sir Erik. 


Patrick: For now, you are not yet on Spotify. 

Harvey: Yeah, we’re still recording our EP. 


Patrick: Your demos, where can people listen to them?

Harvey: You can find our demos on our social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.


Patrick: What’s next for Gleam? What can people expect from Gleam in the coming days, months?

Harvey: Recording and Latag.

Maggins: This March…

Harvey: Sixteen, we’re gonna play on Latag. Subculture Merch. 

Maggins: Hopefully, during Latag we can cover NuMetal.

Harvey: Deftones. 



Patrick: You will do a cover and you have a special guest?

Harvey: Yeah.


Patrick: March 16, Latag Tres. Expect a new song from them, they’ll be covering, we don’t know, but they said they’ll have a special guest, a collaboration. So expect that. Okay, any words to say to your followers, your fans, because I know you have many. 

Fynn: Thanks for following us. To those who don’t follow us, please follow us. 



Fynn: Facebook, Gleam. And then, Instagram, Gleam with like 7 E’s. Seven man to ka E’s, no? (It was 7 E’s, right?) Many E’s.

Maggins: Follow us. Support. 


Patrick: Go to their concerts, to their gigs. How about merch, do you have merch right now? Are you selling anything?

Maggins: Our manager, Kenrick, is responsible for that. 

Harvey: We have shirts and stickers. 


Patrick: And where can people buy your shirts and stickers?

Harvey: We’re going to post in our page. 

Fynn: DM Ralph Kenrick, he has stickers.


Patrick: Okay, everyone, that’s all of the questions for Out of Tune and we are out of time. Once again, thank you Gleam. Salamat kaayo ninyo, Jai, Harvey, Maggins, Fynn. Thank you for your time and keep on doing the good work that you’re doing. Keep on putting out that music. Again, people please follow Gleam and the other local acts because they need support, go to the gigs, pay for the entrance, for the gate, buy the merch and support the local acts. This is Out of Tune, Verse Seven – Gleam. Thank you everyone. 


– e n d –


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