Basalt Shrine – From Fiery Tongues (cassette tape)


“From Fiery Tongues”, you’re instantly in this dank world of thick darkness that doesn’t budge for anything as the very whispers of Basalt Shrine already begin to take effect on your psyche even if you were to find yourself pushing back against the subtle offensive.” – Head-Banger Reviews

This is the PAWN Records edition release of the debut album by doom / post-metal supergroup, Basalt Shrine on cassette tape format. Basalt Shrine features members from Dagtum, The Insektlife Cycle, Abanglupa, Surrogate Prey, etc.

The album is produced by Ronnel Vivo and Basalt Shrine and was recorded, mixed and mastered at Sound Carpentry Recordings. CD and cassette formats will also be released by international labels, Surrogate Records [Ukraine], and Cruel Nature Records [UK].

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