Cross Three Runs – Rest in Speed


Cross Three Runs’ fast, in-your-face approach to punk rock is captured in this 5 song debut EP entitled ‘Rest in Speed’. Heir to the throne of Black Flag’s Nervous Breakdown in terms of sonic blitz and sheer energy, the whole EP clocks at just around the 5 minute mark (as if time is of the essence here).

It’s young, loud and snotty — the way hardcore punk should be.



Track list:
1. Bombarded
2. Rest In Speed
3. Children of the Cross
4. Christianity is the New Ecstasy
5. Intro (Void Version)

St. Jude – Vox / Lead Guitar / Harmonica
Cyril The Acolytes – Bass
Clai-Clai The Priest – Drums / Percussion
Bart Bombs – Album Artwork

Produced by: Cross Three Runs & PAWN
Engineered & Recorded by: Garx Alesna of GARX Studio (Cebu City, Philippines)
Album Layout: Madeleine Real


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