PAWNCast Episode 02

Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to the second episode of PAWNCast, our weekly while on quarrantine podcast. 


1.  “Tank Dancing Shields” by Bombo Pluto Ova (self-titled 2nd album, 2010)

2. “Untangled” by Southern Space (single, 2020)

3. “Hesus’ Love Story” by KANA (single, 2019)

Cosmic Kid + Kiss Puppy’ split EP preview:

4. “Maintaining Distance” by Cosmic Kid (forthcoming Cosmic Kid + Kiss Puppy split EP , 2020)

5. “Gum In My Pocket” by Kiss Puppy  (forthcoming Cosmic Kid + Kiss Puppy split EP, 2020)

 PAWN x Green Papaya Art Projects compilation album preview:

6. “Negate” by Siamese Rat (forthcoming compilation, 2020)

7. “Nephilim” by TETSUO (forthcoming compilation, 2020)

8. “Deadbeat Money” by Mariah Yonic (forthcoming compilation, 2020)

9. “Procedural Sea” by Levi Masuli (forthcoming compilation, 2020)

‘Anong Ambag Mo’: A Fundraiser Event

10. “Waw Ulam” by Ala Akhbar (Still No Direction compilation cassette, 2019)

11. Niño Olayvar / ‘ANONG AMBAG MO?” interview

Sound Carpentry Recordings feature:
12. “Different Smiles” by Blenderwave (single, 2020)

13. “Unmentioned Motions” by The Insektlife Cycle (Temple of the Soul, 2020)

14. “Petrichor” by John Caing (unreleased, 2017)


For updates about the upcoming ‘ANONG AMBAG MO?: A Post-ECQ fundraiser gig for our front-liners’ please visit our event page: PLEASE DONATE THROUGH PAYMAYA AND G-CASH AT: 09177015726.

That’s it for our show this week. We hope all of you are safe and warm during the quarantine period. Feel free to send us suggestions and comments. Let us know if there is anything you want us to feature. You can also send original songs for us to play on our show.

Catch us again next week!


Erik & Rae

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