Pawncast Episode 03

Here’s our featured tracks/artists for this week (in order):

  1. “The Lies of Covid19” by Armas ni Juan (single, 2020)
  2. “Suzanne” by School Girl Classic (single, 2020)
  3. “Icebox” by Anne A. (Music Under Quarrantine V/A, 2020)
  4. “cheers motherfuckers to the horrors of life” by dosto yevs (#1 rat, 2020)
  5. “Dear Great Leader” by Sub/Orbital (Traversing The Interstellar Medium, 2020)
  6. “Pillars of Famine” by Quiboloy (The Serpent Seed Doctrine, Demo 2020)
  7. “Subject to Ignorance” by Quiboloy (The Serpent Seed Doctrine, Demo 2020 )
  8. “Bate Lloomer” by Jun Mirisi ((Music Under Quarrantine V/A, 2020)
  9. “To The Future and Beyond (poem) by Butch Bandillo (from The Book of Departures, 2017)
  10. “Quarrantined Dreams” by Couplet (Music Under Quarrantine V/A, 2020)
  11. “C Munga Paul” by Al Qultus (Music Under Quarrantine V/A, 2020)
  12. “A Jerry-Rigged Archive” by Tito Boyet (Music Under Quarrantine V/A, 2020)
  13. “Feedbacker Zen” by WAS (Atomic Grinder | Feedbacker Zen, 2020)
  14. “Mga Dukhang Angel Ng Ginhawa at Liwanag” by Teenage Granny (single, 2020)

On this third installment of our little digital distraction, we listen warmly to the whispers and noises that surround us. We pay close attention to the nuanced murmurs and gentle shrills that reverberate beyond our four walls. Through rhythmic kaleidoscope of sonic modulations, we explore the shrieking of static and the celestial din of flightless angels who have fallen farther, each day, away from the light. Take heed but never lose focus. Go not gently, acquiesce loudly. Amidst the sea of dueling voices, let your muted river guide you into the depths of your inner ocean.

To the future and beyond!

Erik & Rae

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