PAWNCast Episode 04 – Friends

Hello! Welcome to the 4th episode of PAWNCast, your weekly while on quarantine podcast. Today is May 1 and we are celebrating International Workers’ Day. This episode is dedicated to the working class.

In this episode you will be hearing new jams from Karma, Lunesta, Flirt, 1AM, FoodShelter and Clothing, Discrustshea, Ricky Coyoca, and a demo track from The Pervs. We will also be playing a couple of songs from the forthcoming Music Under Quarantine compilation with Green Papaya Art Projects. Later on we will be talking to the guys from Bedtime Television and talk about their new music video and cassette re-release. 

We also checked up on some of our friends (Bayani, Tiny, Cara, Carl, Gratian, Shak and Anne) to see how they’re coping up with the current situation.


1. “Regret Comes Later” by Karma (single, 2020)

2. “Blank” by Lunesta

3. “Gratify” by Flirt

4. “Isolate” by ∆RLO (Music Under Quarantine, 2020)

5. “After Mallo, or Bent Funereal on a Day Twice Deactivated by Mineral Silence” by Itos Ledesma (Music Under Quarantine, 2020)

6. “Secret” by 1AM (single, 2020)

7. bedtime television (interview)

8. “Hair Die” by bedtime television (‘as bright as the night’ cassette release)

9. “Higher Still 1 & 2” by FoodShelterAndClothing (VISTRAX: Noise & Beats from the Visayas, 2019)

10. “Social Club” by The Pervs (demo, 2020)

11. Friends feature

12. “Men Behind The Sun” by Discrustshea (Evolved and Contaminated, 2020)

13. “New Day” by Ricky Coyoca


Download Discrustshea’s full-length album (Evolved and Contaminated) for FREE

Pre-order bedtime television’s ‘as bright as the night’ right now

Stay home, stay tuned.


Cover Photo: Ernest Dino

Background music used for this episode (under Creative Commons license):
“Preludio 1976” by Himalayha
“Waves” by Pictures of a Floating World

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