Review: “Venus” – Highway Seven Circus

Love is fickle, fleeting but honest through skin and bone. Or so “Venus” by Highway Seven Circus likes to tell it’s listeners.

It’s fair to say that the “love song” is forever indispensable to music. Historically and thematically, love and music “go together like a horse and carriage”. Love as an abstract but almost universal feeling lends itself well to mediums of expression that can be displayed for public amusement (or in the suffering of secondhand shame). None more so than in the creation of a melody that you naively put together to announce to the world or privately to a crush, your love.

“Venus” is not a grand gesture. In fact it’s the opposite of a “harana” you sing to someone you wish to court/are courting. It’s when the early sparks fade and the rose tinted contact lenses get plucked out. You see the once venerable, infallible “God” you adored and fell for for who they are, human after all. And you still love them regardless.

Nothing captures this greater than the simple guitar hook during the verses. Paired with the straight to the point lyrics that pull no punches nor dip them in deep idiosyncrasies, it’s a sparse but effective combination. A philosophy put into practice and executed with mighty results. Highway Seven Circus are truly practitioners of what they preach.

Because for Highway Seven Circus, it’s not about intense, perspective altering metaphors or subatomic subversiveness. It’s about having the courage (and sometimes, audacity) to just say

“I love you with all my heart.”


Summer Veins

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