by Patrick Gallito

The second of September gave us a treat in the form of Megumi Acorda playing in From Here, Crossroads. Equally a treat was the sonically-charged set of Folding Bed who played as one of the opening acts. Looking at the faces of and hearing the people talk after the event would prove that this four-piece brought down the house, figuratively speaking. When I decided to start a docuseries of the artists in the local subculture and indie scene, it was a no-brainer to invite them. I felt grateful that these noisemakers agreed to grace the first issue of the series. This is OUT OF TUNE, an interview series where we get to know better the bands that gave us the music that are oft ignored, who continue to battle it out in a hard-to-please music scene with hardly any reward, fueled by nothing other than their passion and love for the arts.

To understand better why they do what they do; what these bands have been up to; what they would do with a million dollars if they win the lottery; and just about anything under the sun, we invite you to view and listen to the maiden episode of OUT OF TUNE with Joel, Nokie, JB and Ian of Folding Bed. As a bonus, you’ll get a peek at the latest single of the band, “Drowning in the Swamp”, fresh from the oven subtly playing in the background (but I’ll leave the full proper release of the single to them).

Out of Tune features a video format with excerpts from the full interview. For those who want to get to read the “full” interview, a written transcription is also available. (save for some parts that the artists request to be omitted to avoid offending sensibilities)

(Disclaimer: This is a love project with bare minimum production by someone with hardly any editing and interviewing skills so please bear with me. I will endeavor to improve everything as the series continues. Thank you, Folding Bed, for permitting me to test the waters with you and I apologize for the editing quality. Your music will more than make up for any deficiencies in this interview, anyway.)

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